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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Joanne Harris, Ellie Pancoe

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Somesville
FOOTBALL - Ever wonder what all the fuss is about on Sunday afternoons, Monday nights & Thursday nights? Ever wonder why your favorite person stays glued to the TV, speaks wildly & gestures frantically when it just looks like a bunch of guys piled up on the field to you? Ever wish you knew a little more about the sport so that you could join your special fan in his or her football madness? Then this course is for you. We will teach you the basics: how football is organized, how the game is played, what that guy in the black & white striped shirt is doing on the field, and all kinds of weird stuff that you never knew. Dazzle your favorite fan with your new understanding of the game! Fun, beer & popcorn guaranteed.
About the instructors

Joanne Harris has had football fever ever since she was a little kid. She learned at the knee of her dad & brother, watching the Baltimore Colts & her beloved Johnny Unitas. Football was the family passion & Joanne was all in. Over the years, and wherever she lived, Joanne adopted the local team. You might call her a serial fan: The Colts, The Dolphins, Florida State, and, for the past three decades, the New England Patriots. If football had a PhD, she would have earned one.

Ellie Pancoe came to football late, motivated to keep her husband Michael company on those Sunday afternoons in autumn. He patiently answered the question "What just happened?" maybe a million times. She has a pretty good grasp of the game after years of watching. If Joanne has a PhD, then Ellie has finished football high school. She remembers what it is like to be a football neophyte & is happy to help you learn.

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