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Civil Rights: The Other Half

Nathaniel Fenton

Mellon Room in the Northeast Harbor Library, 1 Joy Road, Northeast Harbor.
In 2020, as America celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution granting women the right to vote, this class will celebrate what a female student in my last civil rights class called “the other half” of the civil rights story. So we will leave the stories of MLK, Abernathy, Lewis and Korematsu and focus on the stories of the heroines of the civil rights movement, those named Freeman, Tubman, Wells, Paul, Roosevelt, Murray, Parks, Johns, Hamer, Bates, Spiker, Abasheikh and others. Would the civil rights advances of the past 240 years have happened without their leadership and sacrifices? Let’s find out together.
About the instructor

Nat Fenton began his education in Bar Harbor, followed by prep school at St. Mark’s School, college at Bowdoin, and law school at Cornell University.  His teaching experience includes one course in adult ed and the remainder at ASC with the latest courses primarily in Civil Rights.

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