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The Future of Fisheries in Eastern Maine

Paul Anderson

Online via Zoom
This class will discuss current challenges in Maine's commercial fisheries and the steps being taken by many organizations to sustain them. Where appropriate, fishermen and other partners will be included in the classes to allow participants to engage in discussions about the current situation in these fisheries. Paul Anderson, Executive Director of the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries in Stonington, Maine, will team-teach this series with Program Team members, based on their work in Collaborative Research, Collaborative Management, and Collaborative Education. The Center's mission is to secure a sustainable and diversified future for fisheries and communities of Eastern Maine and beyond.
About the instructor

Paul Anderson is the Executive Director of Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. Anderson has 32 years of experience working with Maine’s marine resources, primarily in public service roles, at the intersection of science, policy, and community. Before joining Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, Anderson spent 16 years as the Director of the Maine Sea Grant College Program, where he oversaw commercial fisheries, aquaculture, coastal community development, ecosystem health, and coastal resiliency. He also served as the Research Network Director of the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network (“SEANET”) and Director of the Aquaculture Research Network at the University of Maine. Anderson held multiple positions within the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) where he led efforts to open clam flats in Eastern Maine, oversaw the construction and management of the DMR laboratory in Lamoine State Park, and served as the Director of the Public Health Division. He has served on the board of several nonprofits, including the Herring Gut Learning Center in Port Clyde and the Maine Fishermen’s Forum. Anderson holds BA and MS degrees in Microbiology from the University of Maine. Anderson currently resides in Winterport, Maine, where he enjoys family, gardening, and making music with his friends.

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