Acadia Senior College

ASC President's Column

Linda K. Dunn
August 2019

Dear Friends and Fellow Learners,

What a privilege it is to be your president! Thanks to the strong foundation laid by past president Nat Fenton and his predecessors, I can tell you that Acadia Senior College is in great shape.

One example is the response to Nat’s last column in this space. He put out a call for more instructors because many students had not gotten the opportunity to enroll in their most desired classes. There was an overwhelmingly positive response and you now know that we had 18 courses to choose from for the fall semester. Thank you to all the instructors who have volunteered and prepared for the upcoming semester!

In addition, Acadia Senior College co-sponsored a Democracy lecture series this summer with large and enthusiastic audiences. And the catered receptions were great. Then there was the beautiful and disturbing film “Sonic Sea” with a distinguished panel to discuss the issue of ocean noise pollution and suggested solutions. Even when the lights went out, the audience’s enthusiasm did not wane.

Look for a series of great luncheon lectures this fall and for a fall outing. All of the committees and the board are hard at work to continue to produce quality programming to fulfill our mission for intellectual stimulation, practical knowledge, social interaction, and fun.

-- Linda