Acadia Senior College

ASC President's Column

Linda K. Dunn
March 2020

Dear ASC members and friends,

After consultation with other Maine Senior Colleges, and in view of the widening COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee has decided to postpone the Spring semester classes. We are looking into offering these classes in the Fall in addition to some new classes.

The March and April Food for Thought luncheon lectures and the March 20th Coffee Clash are also cancelled. We are still hoping to hold the May Art Show and our June 3 Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary Celebration, but these events will be subject to review of the progress of the pandemic.

For your leaders, this was an agonizing decision. We recognize that we seniors are a very vulnerable population and we have chosen to do our best to protect our community. Given the inevitability of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection in Maine, we acknowledge that the most effective measure to mitigate the spread and to “flatten the curve” of this severe illness is to practice social distancing. Please continue to take all the necessary personal precautions as recommended by the national CDC and the Maine CDC.

Linda Dunn, ASC President

Acadia Senior College doing it's part to flatten the curve!

Mitigation efforts like social distancing help reduce the disease caseload on any given date, and can keep the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed. Credit...Drew Harris.