Acadia Senior College

ASC President's Column

Linda Dunn
November 2020

November 2020 President’s Letter

Dear ASC Friends,

I hope that your fall has been colorful and rewarding in both nature and friendship. And I hope that many of you were able to enjoy ASC’s fall class offerings. I had the great pleasure and privilege of participating in Scott Planting’s course on Community. The amount of reading was daunting but enlightening and the students were uniformly engaged and thoughtful. We explored ideas of what makes a community, how a community thrives or declines, and how conflicts are resolved. As I reflect on our class discussions, I am reminded of how important our ASC community has been to the residents of MDI and the surrounding areas over the past 20 years.

Now, in this time of pandemic, our community has been challenged. We owe a great debt to Janice Kenyon, our administrator, and to the wonderful volunteer pop-up instructors for a very successful spring term after most classes had been cancelled or postponed. And we owe an additional debt to the intrepid instructors and students who taught and learned during the fall term. We have continued with Food for Thought without the food and fellowship but with thought provoking and informative sessions on The Opioid Epidemic in Maine and Life Flight of Maine. We had a delightful presentation from Becky Marvil on the Birds of MDI. And Ed Liu enlightened us about the biology of SARS CoV-2 and developing treatments and vaccines.

For those of you who participated in these offerings, thank-you! For those who have been reluctant participants in the online world, please join your friends and neighbors in the ASC community. Winter course registration will begin soon. As an enticement to new members, we are offering pre-registration in one class. And to couples and friends who share a screen, we will be offering discounted tuition for winter term classes. During this challenging time, please renew your membership and consider giving to our fall appeal. Our community’s fiscal health depends on your membership dues and on your donations.

As we yearn to gather in person, let us sustain each other as members and learners in cyberspace. We will be able to schedule in person parties in the future and we will be able to celebrate our member artists at a live event.  And we will have an outstanding 20th anniversary celebration even it happens in our 21st or 22nd year.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.