Acadia Senior College

ASC President's Column

Nat Fenton
January 2018

Letter from Nat Fenton, ASC President

Dear ASC Members,

We have been most fortunate in having Jude Lamb guide our ship's course during the past eleven years and regret that she has advised us that she wishes to retire from her administrative position as of June 30, 2018, the end of our fiscal year. Most of you know that our operations run smoothly due to her efforts, her organizational skills and her patience with the 350-400 members, directors and officers of Acadia Senior College and with the public, other organizations and the press.

You cannot imagine all that she does, and she does it without seeking praise or acclaim. So, when you see the beautiful photographs on our course brochures, in most cases the photos were her photos. And when you admire the setup of our brochures, newsletters and other communications, in most cases it's because of her keen eye and experience. She holds our hands when we cannot sign up for courses due to the peculiarities of our new website and our lack of experience with the same.

Just think of all she does in a day - attend committee meetings, prepare mailings, set up the newsletter, get the mail and organize it, get the checks for courses and donations and determine which is which and record all of that, keep track of the students in each class, and send out class lists to each instructor directing each to the instructor handbook and to visit the class site beforehand, and on and on. It makes me dizzy.

So, we will be advertising the position as soon as we can and are looking to hire our new administrative manager in plenty of time to work with Jude and to be trained by her. That training will be invaluable to whomever is hired and we thank Jude for giving us such a long advance notice of her retirement.

Jude is talented in many other areas and we look forward to more of her performances as Chansonetta or Eunice or Ann Greely or others. As she has brought to life Historic Maine Women, we thank her for nurturing Acadia Senior College to a full life during her tenure. Please thank her for all she has done when you see her at the ASC office or at ASC events.

We will keep you advised as to our progress and please know that we, the members of the Executive Committee serving as the Personnel Committee, will do our best to choose a worthy applicant.


Nat Fenton President, Acadia Senior College