Acadia Senior College

Rules to Enroll

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To take a course at ASC, one must be a member. Membership is limited to those 50 years of age and over and the annual membership fee is $35. A three-year membership is available for $90. ASC membership is good for one (or three years) from the purchase date. Member services include notification of courses, special events and social functions (such as parties and members' art show), newsletters and bulletins.

ASC members are automatically eligible to register for courses at any of the sixteen other Senior Colleges in the State of Maine without paying an additional annual membership fee. However, course registration fees (tuition) are set by each Senior College individually and may vary from College to College.

Tuition & Basic Course Info

The tuition fee is $60 for the first course per term, and $35 for each additional course per term. The fee includes cost of reading materials. (Note that those enrolling after registrations close will be responsible for acquiring their own texts.) Class sizes are limited so it is important to register promptly. Enrollment is filled as registrations are received, once the online registration date and time arrives. If you need to cancel a course, you must do so prior to the first scheduled class date of the course in order to receive reimbursement.

Scholarship Assistance

ASC is able to provide confidential scholarship assistance to its members, from a special scholarship fund. The tuition fee for one course per term may be waived. Please contact the ASC office for further information concerning eligibility.