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About Teaching

Teaching for Acadia Senior College is rewarding and fun! You will meet new people and undoubtedly learn from your students as well. Plus, all instructors are entitled to take one free class for each course taught. Share your passion - if you have an idea for a class, a special skill, or knowledge you would like to share, please consider teaching a class.

We are grateful to have so many talented instructors who volunteer to share their expertise and passion with our students. You do not need any past teaching experience or a fancy degree, and your subject can be anything you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. 

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Acadia Senior College offers three terms of classes - Fall, Winter, and Spring. Click to see the upcoming term dates.

There are no grades, no papers, no homework, and the format for your class is entirely up to you. Both in-person and online course proposals are welcome. Some classes are team-taught - do you know others who might join you in presenting a course?

Instructor Manual

For more information about teaching, check out the Instructor Manual. If you have more questions, please call or email - we're happy to help.

Course Proposals

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Thank you for considering teaching for Acadia Senior College.