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Coffee Clash - Seth Singleton asks "Is Trump good for us?"

April 6, 2018

9:00 a.m.

Sips - Southwest Harbor

As the story goes, when the Constitution was adopted, Benjamin Franklin was asked, is the United States a monarchy or a republic? Franklin's answer was, "a republic, if you can keep it."

The Trump campaign steamrollered a complacent elite by unleashing our historical demons - racism, a culture of superficial celebrity, rejection of foreigners, a too-easy resort to violence, and by harvesting resentment of elite arrogance and corporate greed. Trump's authoritarian presidency challenges us to confront those demons. We must empower a new and responsive political elite and restore economic fairness and opportunity. Otherwise, our Republic, like others before it, may soon be lost. 

Seth Singleton lives in Hall Quarry and teaches international relations and comparative politics at the University of Maine. Neither his Yale Ph.D. nor occasional service with government prepared him for the presidency of Donald Trump.

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Note: new this season, in fairness to Sip's wait staff, each patron will be charged $5 and receive a coffee and pastry. (Unless patron is purchasing more than a $5 breakfast.) As always, tips are appropriate.

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Coffee Clash - Seth Singleton asks "Is Trump good for us?"