Acadia Senior College

Past events

Some of these events were recorded - see the Videos page.

Fall 2023

Fall Bird Migration Walk
A British Nurse in WWII - Valencia Libby

The Dorothy and Jim Clunan Lecture Series on Cultural Understanding and World Affairs
"Through a glass darkly: Contours of the ´╗┐Coming International Order in Light of Russia's War on Ukraine" - Anne Clunan

Fall Octoberfest Party
A B-52's Final Mission - the North Woods - Joseph R. Wax
Will ‘No Labels’ and 3rd party or independent candidates be good or bad for America in 2024? - Jill Goldthwait and Lynne Williams
Banned Books I Love - Megan Clark McDaniel, Matt Delaney, Erich Reed, and Amy Wisehart
Climate Change: Serious Progress or Apocalypse Soon? - Johannah Blackman and Scott Miller
Town Meetings – Are They an 18th Century Oddity or a 21st Century Pillar of Democracy? - Earl Brechlin and Moira O'Neills
Cabin Fever Party - Dorr Museum at College of the Atlantic
Storyteller Jude Lamb Portrays Ann Jarvis Greely - Jude Lamb

Spring 2023

The Parties Over Time - Republicans or Democrats for America in the 2020s - Eloise Vitelli
Local Lichen Medicine - Carol Leonard
Field Trip to the Islamic Center of Maine in Orono
ASC Members' Art Show
The Amazing Monarch Butterfly - Bill Calvert and Bonnie Chase
Annual General Meeting and Potluck Supper
Boat Trip to Petit Manan Island

Winter 2023

Is Medically Assisted Dying a Right to Enshrine or a Wrong to Forbid in Law? - Cookie Horner and Art Blank
James Webb Space Telescope Bob Gallon - Bob Gallon
Can and Should We Manage Growing Congestion of MDI - Evan Richert and Eben Salvatore
Conspiracy Theories and Theories of Conspiracy - Jamie McKown
Can We Compose the Right to Protest and Our Need for Community? - AnnLinn Kruger and Earl Brechlin
Winter Birds of Acadia Outings
Malaga Island, Fragmented Lives - Kate McBrien

Fall 2022

Fall Member Potluck and Party
A Curator's Account - Carl Little
America's Uncertain Future - Fred Benson, Richard S. Cohen, and Seth Singleton
Policy Matters: What the Biden Administration's Policies Mean for Maine - Garret Martin
Shake Up Moment in World Affairs - Seth Singleton

Spring 2022

My America's Cup Experience - Tom Duym
Schoodic Day Trip
The Underwater World of Diver Ed - Diver Ed Monat
Maine's Role in the Atlantic Slave Economy - Luke Gates-Milardo, Maine Maritime Museum
ASC Members' Art Show
Under the Dome and in the Big Tent - Nicole Grohoski
A Republican Vista - Brian Langley
American Aquafarm's Finfish Farm Proposal: Benefits for Our Community - Tom Brennan
Community Critique of American Aquafarms Proposal - Kevin Schneider, Stephanie Clement, and Ted O’Meara
Ashley Bryan and the South Solon Meeting House - Nick Clark

Winter 2022

The Abortion Dilemma: Legal and Medical Consequences - Richard Cohen and Linda Dunn
Election Integrity: Verifying the Vote & Ensuring Public Confidence - Shenna Bellows
Electric Vehicle Charging Around MDI - Gordon Beck
Sexuality is Complex - Beth Rendeiro
A Climate to Thrive: Working Together to Achieve Energy Independence - Johannah Blackman
ANP and Climate Change - Abe Miller-Rushing and Brian Henkel

Fall 2021

ASC Racial Justice Presentation - Nat Fenton, Ellen Dohmen, Linda Dunn
Addressing Our Urgent Crisis: Racial Equity, Health, and Justice - Fatimah Loren Dreier
The Quietside Journal: Covering Local News on MDI - Lincoln Millstein

Spring 2021

Appalachian Trail Magic: Beauty, Wonder, Kindness, and Friendship on America's Most Beloved Footpath - Carey Kish
The Evolution of Americans Who Tell the Truth - from Defiance to Education - Robert Shetterly
ASC Members' Art Show
Naturalizing Your Landscape - Valencia Libby

Winter 2021

The Abbe Museum's Future, Leading from the East - Chris Newell
Our Four Political Parties and Who Can Govern - Seth Singleton
Online vs. In-Person Instruction in the MDI Schools - Dr. Marc Gousse
The Evolution of a Maine Filmmaker - Richard Kane
Hearing Loss? Resources You Can Use - Debra Bare-Rogers
Rationing Covid-19 Care - A New American Healthcare Challenge - Not Really! - Jeff Dunn

Fall 2020

Virtual Author Talk with Colin Woodard
Birds of Mount Desert Island - Becky Marvil
Maine's Response to the Opioid Epidemic - Gordon H. Smith, Esq. and Dr. Andres Abreu
LifeFlight: There When Needed - Thomas Judge
COVID-19: Where We Are In Its Control - Dr. Edison Liu
The Promise of Lifelong Communities - Laura Lee

Spring 2020

Schoodic Getaway!
Political Parties Post 2020 - Jack Russell

Winter 2020

CMP Transmission Line - Ken Cline
Immigration, Sanctuary, and MDI - Joe Cistone
The Geologic Evolution of Mount Desert Island - Ruth and Duane Braun
Reparations - Nat Fenton
Cabin Fever Party
Immigration: Hot-button Politics and Real Dilemmas - Seth Singleton
Making Sense of Universal Healthcare, or What is Medicare for All? - Jeff Dunn
Storyteller Jude Lamb as Cordelia Stanwood

Fall 2019

Metals for Our Renewable Future: Should We Mine the Deep Sea? - Steve Katona
Treasures from the Farnsworth at the Gilley: A Closer Look - Carl Little
Fall Octoberfest Party
The Struggle for Women's Suffrage: Revisiting Our History, Rededicating Our Future - Sheila Kirby and Ann Luther
How Colonial Era Letters Reveal Our History - Dr. Timothy O'Connor
Holocaust and Human Rights Center and Colby College Museum of Art Field Trip

Summer 2019

2019 Summer Lecture Series with Theda Skocpol, Burt Neuborne, and Richard H. Fallon, Jr.
Sonic Sea Documentary

Spring 2019

Beyond Our Genes: Epigenetics, Environment, and Health - Dr. Mary Ann Handel
Lobstermen and Whales: A recipe for success - Zack Klyver
Bangor Symphony Orchestra
Talking About Advance Directives - Dr. Vanessa Little and Dr. Julian Kuffler
ASC Members' Art Show
Owls Head Transportation Museum and Farnsworth Museum Field Trip

Winter 2019

Does Town Meeting Government Work? - Gary Friedman
The Gulf of Maine: Pressures and Promise - Steve Katona
Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness on Campus - Darron Collins
Affirmative Action - David Einhorn
Universal Health Care in Maine - Jeff Dunn
Cabin Fever Party
Has 'Me Too' Gone Too Far or Not Far Enough? - Joanne Harris
Is There a 'Vital Center' in American Politics - Jack Russell