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Proposals for the Winter 2022 term are due October 22, 2021. Proposals for the Spring 2022 term are due November 12, 2021. Please fill out all the fields below and do your best to select your class format and site selections. The Curriculum Committee will work with you to make any adjustments once your course has been submitted and approved.

Note: You must complete all information before sending this proposal. You will see a confirmation screen once your proposal has been successfully submitted, and you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not see the confirmation screen, there was likely a problem with one of the fields in the proposal - look for any error messages and correct.

Winter 2022 (1/3 - 3/11/2022)
Proposals due 10/22/2021
Spring 2022 (3/14 - 5/27/2022)
Proposals due 11/12/2021

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As a modest way of recognizing our volunteer instructors after completion of a class, you may register for one class free of tuition in appreciation for each class previously taught, with no time limit to this tuition "credit." Instructors receive no monetary compensation for teaching.

Note: You must complete all information before sending this proposal.