Acadia Senior College

We welcome volunteers and additional committee members. Interested? Contact the ASC office!

Volunteers are the backbone of Acadia Senior College! All of our instructors, committee members, directors and lecturers are volunteers. But did you know there are lots of other opportunities to get involved?

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Committees / Volunteers

Advancement Committee: Ann Caswell (Steward), Andy Cline, Peggy deWolf, Nat Fenton, Dixie Hathaway, Sheila Kirby, Ward MacKenzie, Sandy McFarland, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller.  (The Advancement Committee plans fundraising, and considers financial resources and uses for ASC.)

Curriculum Committee: Charles Stanhope (Chair), Richard Cohen, Bill Dohmen, Linda Dunn, Candy Emlen, Dixie Hathaway, Dan McKay, Steve Powell, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller, Alan Rosenquist, Marion Smith, Mary Vekasi. (The Curriculum Committee seeks instructors for upcoming terms, reviews course proposals and schedules classes, and organizes information for upcoming course brochures. They are also in close contact with our Site Partners.)

Events Committee: Ann Caswell, Jeff Dunn, Candy Emlen, Nat Fenton, Susan Lerner, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller, Jack Russell. (The Events Committee considers, plans and organizes the details of events including Food for Thought, Coffee Clash, the Art Show, summer speaker series, and special field trips.)

Executive Committee: Michael Hastings (Chair), Candy Emlen, Dixie Hathaway, Jack Russell, Jim Vekasi. (The Executive Committee includes board officers plus one board member at large.)

Finance Committee: Jim Vekasi (Chair), Rick Bernstein, Andy Cline, Bill Dohmen, Linda Dunn, Nat Fenton, Mike Hastings, Ward MacKenzie.  (The Finance Committee keeps track of ASC funds, investments, and plans the budget.)

Membership and Volunteers: Linda Uberseder (Chair), Ruth Rossi Blaney, Ann Caswell, Donna Gaines, Rita Gallon, Sharyn Hastings, Pamela Hattem, Nancy Howland. (The Membership and Volunteers Committee plans and organizes ASC parties, helps with mailings and other volunteer activities, and they love doing it!)

Nominating Committee: Nat Fenton (Chair), Keith Davis, Patsy Fogarty, Michael Hastings (ex officio), Nancy Howland, Dan McKay, Seth Singleton, Kathleen Slack, Jim Vekasi. (The Nominating Committee seeks people to be nominated for our board of trustees.)

Personnel Committee: Executive Committee

Publicity: Ann Caswell (Promotes ASC through communications, advertising, articles and word of mouth.)

Scholarships: Executive Committee

Technology Committee: Steve Powell (Chair), Jeff Dunn, Candy Emlen, Nat Fenton, Mike Hastings, Janice Kenyon, Jim Mroch, Peg Olson, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller, Seth Singleton, Kathleen Bruen Slack, Sarah White. (The Technology Committee manages and organizes equipment for classes and speakers, provides technical support for instructors, advises on website functionality, and works on technology issues such as hearing assistance or remote learning devices.)

Tech Assistants: Thayer Fanazick, Sharyn Hastings, Peg Olson, Kathleen Slack, Sarah White