Acadia Senior College


(We are always looking for additional committee members. Interested? Contact the ASC office!)

ASC Committees – July 2019

Advancement Committee: Ann Caswell (Coordinator), Andy Cline, Jim Clunan, Peggy De Wolf, Dianna Emory, Nat Fenton, Shelia Kirby, Ward MacKenzie, Sandy McFarland, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller.  (The Advancement Committee plans fundraising, and considers financial resources and uses for ASC.)

Curriculum Committee: Charles Stanhope (Chair), Ruth Braun, Bill Dohmen, Linda Dunn, David Einhorn, Margot Haertel, Moorhead Kennedy, Kathleen McQuaid, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller, Marion Smith. (The Curriculum Committee seeks instructors for upcoming terms, reviews course proposals and schedules classes, and organizes information for upcoming course brochures. They are also in close contact with our Site Partners.)

Events Committee: Jeff Dunn (Chair), Melita Brecher, Ann Caswell, Jim Clunan, Norene Hunter, Janice Kenyon, Susan Lerner, Dan Poteet, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller. (The Events Committee considers, plans and organizes the details of events including Food for Thought and Coffee Clash.)

Executive Committee: Linda Dunn (Chair), Ann Caswell, Andy Cline, Nat Fenton, Michael Hastings. (The Executive Committee includes board officers plus one board member at large.)

Finance Committee: Andy Cline (Chair), Michael Blythe, Jim Clunan, Bill Dohmen, Nat Fenton, James Kitler, Ward MacKenzie, Dan Poteet, Jim Vekasi, Bob Zinn.  (The Finance Committee keeps track of ASC funds, investments, and plans our budget.)

ICT: Jim Mroch, chair  (Tracks and fulfills instructor equipment needs for classes, as well as occasional speaker's needs.)

Membership and Volunteers: Rita Gallon (Chair), Ruth Rossi Blaney, Ann Caswell, Jim Clunan, Fran Fry, Nancy Howland, Sheila Kirby, Deb Loftus, Eric Uberseder, Linda Uberseder. (The Membership and Volunteers Committee plans and organizes the ASC parties, and they love doing it!)

Nominating Committee: Gail Conrad (Chair), Jim Clunan, Nat Fenton, Paul Haertel, Nancy Howland, Scott Planting. (The Nominating Committee seeks people to be nominated for our board of trustees.)

Personnel Committee: Executive Committee

Publicity: Ann Caswell (Promotes ASC through communications, advertising, articles and word of mouth.)

Scholarships: Executive Committee