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Food For Thought - Jude Lamb as Chansonetta Stanley Emmons

April 28, 2017

11:30 lunch; noon-1:00 performance and discussion

Birch Bay Village Inn

Storyteller, Jude Lamb, will perform a first person portrayal of Chansonetta Stanley Emmons, sister to the famous Stanley Steamer twins from Kingfield, Maine.
Though never as famous as her inventor twin brothers (FE and FO Stanley, primarily known for developing and building the Stanley Steamer automobiles), Chansonetta was a well respected photographer and artist of her time, around the turn of the last century. As mechanization and automation changed the lives of most people at that time, she captured the fast disappearing images of the farm life of Kingfield, Maine on photographic glass plate negatives. Most remarkable are her hand-colored images on small glass slides that she shared with various groups and organizations in a traveling slide and lecture show. This program will include a storytelling of Ms. Emmons and her family, as well as a slide show of some of her work.

Jude Lamb is an artist and storyteller who loves taking photos. She graduated from the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor in 2000, with a degree in Human Ecology and a focus in Art. Her growing body of tales portraying women of Maine includes her 4th great grandmother Eunice Lakeman Hoar, a founder of Rangeley, Maine, and Ann Jarvis Greely, a 'mover and shaker' (granddaughter of Colonel John Black) in Ellsworth, Maine in the late 19th century. Jude's goal is to revive the stories of remarkable Maine women who history neglected and time forgot.
Food For Thought - Jude Lamb as Chansonetta Stanley Emmons