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Winter course registrations closed on November 29.

Spring courses will be listed in January. 

It might still be possible to enter a winter course, with permission of the office and the instructor. Please contact the office for information. 

Winter courses will run between January 8 and March 16, 2018.

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A Close Reading of the Daode Jing (Tao-te Ching)

Hugh Clark

Maine Sea Coast Mission, 127 West Street, Bar Harbor
A close reading of the most important text in the Daoist tradition. We will read in English, but we will spend class time exploring the original Chinese text for insight and comparison. No Chinese skills are assumed, only a willingness to think broadly. 5-20 students.
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China, Russia, America

Seth Singleton

Mellon Room in Northeast Harbor Library, 1 Joy Road, Northeast Harbor
China, Russia, and America have been linked in a triangle since the Russian revolution a century ago. Their relations shaped the tumultuous 20th century, and will determine peace or war, and the global economy, in the 21st. We will consider the national traditions of China, Russia, and America; current trends in each country; and their myths and perceptions of the others. We look at current flashpoints and the prospects for hostility, friendship, or coexistence; and ask whether our relatively peaceful and prosperous world is likely to last. 5-30 students.
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Commit to Sit: One Month to Your Own Meditation Practice

Laura Bonyon Neal

Bar Harbor Congregational Church, 29 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor
If beginning or reviving a meditation practice is in your plans for the new year, this is the course for you! Over one month, you'll receive the instruction and support you need to build a sustainable personal practice that fits into your life. While the instruction is based on the Buddha's teachings, a variety of techniques and adaptations will be offered. This course is suitable for all levels of experience and spiritual backgrounds, and it is not necessary to sit cross-legged on the floor! Beginners are especially encouraged. 8-18 students.
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Evolution of Thinking on the Geology of MDI from 1836 to Now

Duane Braun

The Undercroft of St. John Episcopal Church, 315 Main Street, Southwest Harbor
Geologists have been visiting Mount Desert Island since 1836 to view the exceptional exposure of a variety of rock types and explain their origin. MDI has been used as a testing ground for some of the fundamental geologic concepts such as the origin of granite and the depression of the crust by the weight of the continental glacier. The course will examine the work on MDI of geologists in the context of the state of geologic knowledge in the era they were working. Emphasis will be on how geologic thinking changed over time with the increase in geologic knowledge since 1836. 10-30 students.
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Introduction to Wine

Scott Worcester

Sips Restaurant, 4 Clark Point Road, Southwest Harbor
Participants will learn about the art of tasting wine, the grape varieties that are most important around the world, places to travel, books to read, and in general become more comfortable with wine in a fun, relaxed setting. 8-12 students.
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Long March to Selma

Nathaniel Fenton

Mellon Room in Northeast Harbor Library, 1 Joy Road, Northeast Harbor
Long Walk to Selma will include an examination of the source of the civil rights movement and will concentrate on the period from 1950-1965. In these days of riots in Charlottesville and debate over the removal of Civil War statues of Confederate leaders, return to the days where these struggles occurred throughout the South and a group of young men and women used nonviolence to save the soul of this country and secure the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965. 12-25 students.
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Othello on Film - Three Takes

Ann Caswell

Clark Room in Southwest Harbor Public Library, 338 Main Street, Southwest Harbor
Could the events of Shakespeare’s tragedy happen today? In the early 2000s, film makers reimagined the Moor: What if Othello were a basketball player recruited to an all- white prep school? What if he were a London policeman quickly promoted to commissioner in the face of racial unrest? After reviewing Shakespeare’s text, we will view and discuss three film versions of the story. This class is accessible to all -- familiarity with Shakespearean tragedy is not required. 6-14 students.
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Palliative Care – Serious Illness and the End of Life

MDI Palliative Care Advisory Group

Wolf Conference Room, 2nd floor of Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center, 330 Main Street, Bar Harbor
Are you mortal? Do you know and love people who are? This course will incorporate a wide variety of topics and formats designed to get participants thinking and talking about serious illness and end of life issues. We will explore healthcare options when living with a serious illness, demystify advance directives, explain the difference between hospice and palliative care, and facilitate conversation about what is important and meaningful to you. 8-15 students.
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Playing Traditional Music on the Tremolo Harmonica

Ray Lambert

Harbor House, 329 Main Street, Southwest Harbor
The course instructor, Ray Lambert, will demonstrate and teach techniques to play traditional Québecois and Celtic music on the harmonica, particularly the tremolo harmonica. He will also explain the mechanics, advantages, and disadvantages of various harmonicas. Students should come to class with at least one tremolo harmonica, preferably in the key of G. A second harmonica, in the key of D, would be useful. (Advice on sources will be provided.) 3-6 students.
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The Remarkable Tales of the Extraordinary Writer A.E. Coppard

Anne Marie Quin

Community Room in Abbe Museum, 26 Mount Desert Street, Bar Harbor
A.E. Coppard is regarded as one of the finest English short story writers of the last century who viewed the short story form as "an ancient art originating in the folk tale, which was a thing of joy even before writing, not to mention printing, was invented." His own tales often have a timeless, primeval quality. 5-11 students.
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Yoga for Seniors

Kate Sebelin

Destination Health Studio (formerly Yoga at Cattitude), 2nd floor, 53 Main Street, Bar Harbor
Yoga for Seniors will be a gentle class incorporating range of motion exercises, chair yoga, alignment cues to improve posture, stretching, strengthening as well as breathing & meditation practice to encourage relaxation and a more peaceful state of being. 5-15 students.
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