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A Look at the Cruise Ship Business in Bar Harbor & Beyond

Janice Kenyon

Mellon Room in Northeast Harbor Library, 1 Joy Road, Northeast Harbor
Bar Harbor is by far Maine’s busiest cruise ship port, and the number of cruise ships visiting Bar Harbor has more than doubled in the last 15 years. The impact on Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park is multi-faceted and complex. This course will explore the history of the cruise ship industry with a focus on Bar Harbor, the economic and environmental impact on our communities and the Park, and the people and businesses that make it all happen. The class will combine guest presentations and discussion. 8 - 20 students.
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Birds of Acadia National Park and Its Surrounding Area

Paul Haertel

First class meeting is at Wendell Gilley Museum, 4 Herrick Road, Southwest Harbor
This class will be led by Paul and Margot Haertel. The field oriented class will focus on learning the birds of our region and experiencing their habitats. Our priority will be on those migrating to and through our area each spring. We will begin at the Gilley Museum for introductions, an outline of course activities, and assistance with birding essentials such as binoculars and birding guides. Following this brief session, every attempt will be made to “go where the birds are,” see them, discuss their migrations and habits. After our introduction, we will take a nearby field trip on the first day. Please note: Flexibility in schedule is required to attend this class. We plan to do the three additional field trips within two weeks after the first meeting. This will allow us to go where the birds are, giving class members at least a day’s notice. The length of each field trip will depend on location and success rate. 8 - 16 students.
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Ernest Hemingway’s "A Moveable Feast"

Lawrence Martin

Mellon Room in Northeast Harbor Library, 1 Joy Road, Northeast Harbor
Ernest Hemingway’s "A Moveable Feast" is a memoir of his early life as an aspiring young writer in Paris during the 1920s. The book is a collection of sketches of the post-World War I “Lost Generation” atmosphere and its important personalities - Gertrude Stein, Scott Fitzgerald, and others. We’ll examine the way Hemingway depicted his contemporaries, often with affection, occasionally with amusement, and sometimes with malice. The key figure, of course, is Hemingway himself. 5 - 15 students.
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Explorations of an Amateur Naturalist

Roberta Sharp

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 1034 Main Street (Route 102), Somesville
Roberta Sharp and Karen Zimmerman will lead this class. The class will explore nature as it unfolds in early spring. Topics will include nature journaling, identification of winter twigs and tree bark, winter weeds, lichens, and spring blooms. Be prepared for short outdoor excursions. Come with an inquisitive enthusiasm for the natural world. 6 - 10 students.
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Genetic Engineering

Michael Wiles

Wolf Conference Room, Women’s Health Center, 330 Main Street, Bar Harbor
This course will outline the basic ideas of genetics, genes and DNA. We will compare and contrast genetic selection vs. genetic engineering, moving onto the current systems enabling genetic engineering, ideas of cure vs. enhance and finally speculate what this may mean now and the not too distant future. 5 - 20 students.
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Introduction to Opera - Part 2

Robert Gallon

Birch Bay Village Inn Library, Village Inn Road, off Crooked Road, Hulls Cove
This course continues our survey of opera into the 19th century and beyond. I will highlight the great opera composers and play sections from their operas. We will discuss and listen to some of the operas being presented Live in HD from the Met. 8 - 20 students.
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iPhone Photography and Image Editing

George Soules

Clark Room in Southwest Harbor Public Library, 338 Main Street, Southwest Harbor
This workshop will focus on four areas: 1) Getting the most out of your iPhone camera; 2) Basic and advanced photography skills; 3) Using iPhone apps for image editing; and 4) Critiquing images as a way to improve your photography. Presentations will be tailored to the student’s interests in photography. Classes will include hands-on learning using your phone’s camera and apps. No experience is necessary to take the course, but an iPhone 5s or newer model is highly recommended. 5 - 12 students.
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Island and Acadian Passages: Part I—Big Bang to 1916

Jack Russell

Mellon Room in Northeast Harbor Library, 1 Joy Road, Northeast Harbor.
This course will explore six passages in the development of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park: 1) Fire, Ice and Life: The Deep Natural History; 2) First Light, Long View: Wisdom from the Wabanaki; 3) Possession: Settlement 1762-1865; 4) Colonization and Community 1865-1916; 5) Path Making and Path Breaking: Conservation of Acadia 1891- 1916; 6) Eliot, Dorr and Rockefeller – Friends of Acadia. 10 - 25 students.
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Mount Desert Island: The Early Years

Richard Sassaman

Wolf Conference Room, Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center, 330 Main Street, Bar Harbor
In this course we will discuss the turn of the 17th century in this area, when Europeans began to come across the Atlantic Ocean in greater numbers to explore what’s now the Gulf of Maine. Key events include Samuel de Champlain’s arrival on MDI in 1604, and the establishment (and then destruction) of the Saint Sauveur Mission here in 1613. 8 - 18 students.
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Museum Snoops

Linda Dunn

Various museums on MDI
This course will include visits and behind-the- scenes tours of 9 museums on Mount Desert Island: Dorr Museum, Abbe Museum (2 sites), Seal Cove Auto Museum, William Otis Sawtelle Collection of Acadia National Park, Maine Granite Industry Museum, Wendell Gilley Museum, and Petite Plaisance (the Marguerite Yourcenar house). 6 - 10 students.
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O Canada!

James Clunan

Birch Bay Village Inn Library, Village Inn Road, off Crooked Road, Hulls Cove
How do Canada’s three nations get along? How is Canada dealing with globalization, internationalization of trade, and climate change? What was the DEW Line? Ever been “north of sixty”? What will become of Canada’s energy surplus? Can the second largest country on the planet maintain the longest undefended border? We will discuss these questions and more in open conversation. 6 -16 students.
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Studio Arts Experience

Liz Cutler

ArtWaves Studio, 1345-A State Highway 102, Town Hill
This is a class for those who are excited by the possibilities of a blank slate and want to engage with a variety of media (wax, paint, glass, fiber, plaster). No art experience is necessary. There will be a demonstration of technique, handouts with the specifics, and some completed artwork to inspire you for the first 5 weeks. The final week is the student’s choice, possibly a mixed media piece. 6 - 16 students.
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The Norse in Greenland & North America, 985 - 1500

Ben Blaney

Community Room in Abbe Museum, 26 Mount Desert Street, Bar Harbor
In this course we will be reading and comparing two Icelandic sagas dealing with the Norse settlement of Greenland and attempted settlement of North America. We will also look at and discuss the evidence for the Norse in North America. 10 - 15 students.
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