Acadia Senior College


Political Parties Post 2020

March 6, 2020

9:00 a.m.

Sips in Southwest Harbor

We are collectively focused on the 2020 election, knowing that both our personal golden glides and commonweal will be shaped by the result. We should think together now about how the results of the 2020 elections will influence politics in our society in the coming decade. Jack Russell will offer some historical fundamentals on partisan politics in America, characterize the modern Republican and Democratic Parties, envision at least three distinct outcomes of the 2020 election, and muse on the politics those outcomes might generate as America deals with challenges such as resilience to climate change, deepening democracy, enhancing public education, and moving toward a majority minority nation.

Jack Russell was born and raised on Mount Desert Island. Educated for a tweedy academic life as a literary historian, in the 1960s he redirected his energies to a half-century as community organizer, policy analyst, organizational leader, and single-shingle consultant. He has been, for five decades, a democratic socialist working on the left of the possible.

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