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How Nonprofits Work

Carolyn Ball

Clark Room, Southwest Harbor Public Library, 338 Main Street, Southwest Harbor.
You may volunteer for, participate in, or donate to a nonprofit but know little about it. This class will examine how this third sector is not quite a government and not quite a for-profit enterprise. How can the NRA, a union, a food bank and a credit union all be non-profits? Each participant will look at a chosen nonprofit to see how it is managed and what its IRS 990 reports reveal. The class will discuss whether nonprofits should be tax-exempt, whether high overhead is a concern for donors, and why nonprofit executive compensation has raised ethical, if not legal, questions. The class will also examine the role of nonprofits in politics.
About the instructor

Carolyn Ball has PhD in Political Science, and is a professor emeritus at the University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service. Carolyn has taught public and nonprofit management for 25 years and is currently teaching graduate courses in performance measurement and local government.

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