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Viruses and Vaccines

Phil Grimley

Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center, 2nd floor, 330 Main Street, Bar Harbor.
Viruses must infect living cells to survive and propagate. They have successfully adapted to animals and plants over millennia of coexistence. Remarkably, two of the infections most dangerous to humans were controlled by vaccination even before the basic events of virus infections became known to scientists. This class will explain the events essential to any virus infection and how vaccines can serve to limit virus spread and speed recovery. Attention will be focused upon influenza, measles, polio, zika, hepatitis, the herpes family, and papilloma virus of cervical cancer. Problems of vaccine development for HIV and Ebola will be discussed.
About the instructor

Phil Grimley received his MD from Albany Medical College, trained in medicine at Cornell University, and then specialized in virus-related research at the University of California and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He gained experience in virology at Columbia University and performed independent research at NCI. Phil instructed medical students in the principles of disease for over thirty years at the Uniformed Services University, Maryland. More recently, he taught the science of viruses at the Johns Hopkins University Program for Adult Education.

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