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Hollywood Goes to War: Censorship, Propaganda and Profits During World War II

Steve Powell

Site: Birch Bay Village Inn Library, Village Inn Road (off Crooked Road), Hulls Cove
With limitations on film stock, lumber, material for costumes, fuel and tires; with nightly blackouts and travel restrictions; and with (eventually) 12 percent of all film industry employees in the armed forces, how did they cope? How did the movie moguls keep up with near-record attendance levels (as high as 90 million a week)? And then, there was this new government agency, the Bureau of Motion Pictures, looking over their shoulders, and amazingly, suggesting changes to their scripts and sometimes saying right out loud that this or that movie shouldn’t be made at all! Somehow, though, it all worked most of the time. Stories of the home front and of military action bolstered morale and resolve. Newsreels informed. Cartoons made people laugh. Class members will judge for themselves as they view some of the best of these. A “Further Reading and Viewing List” will be available, and, as usual, the class will be informal and fun.
About the instructor

Steve Powell is owner of Bar Harbor Book Shop in Hulls Cove. He has a degree in history. In his spare time, he reads books and watches old movies. This is his 13th course for ASC.

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