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Engines of Change: The Automobile's Impact on Women's Independence

Jenna Beaulieu

Online Zoom class
This course will explore how women demanded more social and economic freedom by using the automobile to assert their independence and transform their role in American society, communities, and households. Driving allowed women to try things traditionally closed off to them, thus creating a foundation upon which to fight future battles for equal rights, voting rights and pay equity. Participants will learn about female cross-continent automobile and motorcycle drivers as well as women race car drivers, adventurers, suffragists who visited more than 100 cities, and others who contributed to positive change and took “mobilization” to a whole new level.
About the instructor

Jenna Beaulieu has a BA in English from the University of Maine at Fort Kent, with a focus on Comparative Mythology. She was the Curator of Education at the Seal Cove Auto Museum and Exhibit Curator for their 2020-2021 main exhibit, “Engines of Change: A Suffrage Centennial,” which focuses on the role the automobile played in women’s suffrage, and how improvements in technology were harnessed to mobilize social movements. She currently works for the Beatrix Farrand Society, and is an independent writer.

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