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An Historical Introduction to Chinese Buddhism

Hugh Clark

Online Zoom class
Buddhism is one of the most important religions in our world today. It is also one of the most recognizable features of the cultures and landscapes of East Asia, including those of both China and Japan. This course will mix a narrative introduction to the origins and transmission of Buddhism from its birthplace in north India to its transmission via the Silk Road to China and then Korea and Japan with selected text reading. Reflecting the instructor’s background, the course will include both the history of Buddhism as well as some exploration of the religion itself. No background in Buddhism or the relevant cultures is expected or required.
About the instructor

Hugh Clark retired after 35 years as Professor of History and East Asian Studies at Ursinus College, a non-sectarian liberal arts college outside Philadelphia. He specialized in the socio-cultural history of middle period China, regarding which he has published numerous academic articles and three books. He taught Chinese philosophy to undergraduates many times and he now looks forward to benefitting from the informed and thoughtful approach of adults.

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