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Cosmology: How Did We Ever Learn That?

Robert Gallon

Online Zoom class
Cosmology is the theory of the nature and contents of the universe. It is a BIG subject. It is amazing that we puny Earthlings know anything about it. This course will examine our changing conceptions of the universe from the ancients up to the early 20th century. The course will focus on the three great cosmological revolutions associated with the names: Aristotle and Ptolemy; Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Newton; and Einstein and Hubble. Most people know these names. Fewer know what they did. We will learn how what they did changed our conception of reality. The only math will be a little geometry.
About the instructor

Bob Gallon is a clinical and forensic psychologist, a musician, and a recently retired tuba player with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. He taught psychology at Vassar College and at Thomas Jefferson Medical School. He also taught at College of the Atlantic, and has taught many Acadia Senior College classes, including physics.

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