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2020 Visions: Working Forward

Jack Russell

Online Zoom class
As America rolls toward the November 2020 elections through the trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic, its economic impact, and resistance to racism, good citizens ask: What are the possible futures of American politics and society? This course explores these questions. We will first analyze our political terrain via the 2016, 2018 and pending 2020 elections, predict the November outcomes, and assess the near and longer-term consequences of the pandemic. The course will then explore the prospect of building a better America by envisioning the political paths in the early 2020s to six dimensions of a progressive future: Democracy, Commonwealth, Healthcare, Education, Resilience, and Harmony.

In mid-spring, some of you participated in my PowerPoint Presentation on contemporary American politics. The only overlap between that offering and my fall class is that the spring PowerPoint was a now-dated version of my presentation for the first class of the fall course. The fall class will include seven more presentations and discussions on important themes.
About the instructor

Jack Russell was born and raised on Mount Desert Island. Educated for a tweedy academic life as a literary historian, in the 1960s he redirected his energies to a half-century as community organizer, policy analyst, organizational leader, and single-shingle consultant. Since returning to MDI in 2006, he has worked on conservation, written on national and local politics and regional history, offered ASC courses on Acadian and Island history, Walden, and Moby Dick.


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