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Explorations in Human Evolution

Peggy deWolf

Online Zoom class
Understandings in human evolution appeared to be largely unchallenged until 2016, when a number of recent breakthrough findings, some in archaeology and others in genetics research, raised questions about what had seemed to be a largely settled science. This course focuses on a number of these findings, which address the age of our species, the timeline for our exit from Africa, our inheritance of archaic DNA, and similar species which co-existed with us. Our understandings in just four years have undergone a radical shift, the implications of which will be a focus of the course.
About the instructor

Peggy deWolf has a master's degree in Biological Anthropology and a PhD in Sociology. Most of her career has been at Virginia Tech where she taught Sociology.  In her retirement, Peggy has taught several ASC courses in Human Evolution, and through a similar program, the Evergreen Forum, in Princeton, NJ.

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