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Geology of MDI

Duane Braun , Ruth Braun

Selected sites on MDI
Explore the geology of MDI from when MDI was part of the Gander terrane attached to another continent, through the development of MDI as a large volcano, to when glaciers sculpted the present landscape. Each session will be a field trip by car caravan to a location on Mount Desert Island to examine the earth material and landform evidence of the geologic evolution of MDI. Before each class the instructors will send a map and instructions for where to meet for each field trip. Car pooling will be encouraged due to limited parking at some sites. Each class will start with a road side introduction, followed by various degrees of clambering over outcrops. Those with more limited mobility can explore more accessible parts of each site, while more mobile folks can choose more difficult scrambles to examine the geologic features.
About the instructors

Duane Braun holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University and was a Geosciences Professor at Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania from 1975 - 2008, where he taught Environmental and Physical Geology, Geomorphology, Hydrogeology, and Field Geology. He also mapped the glacial deposits of a 9000 sq. ft. area  of northeastern Pennsylvania for the state Geologic Survey, taught Geology for Acadia Senior College, and revised the geologic maps of MDI for the Maine Geologic Survey. Duane and Ruth Braun are coauthors of Guide to the Geology of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

Ruth Braun holds a MSc Degree from Johns Hopkins University. She taught junior and senior high school science. Ruth was a professor at Bloomsburg University where she taught environmental geology, physical geology, and historical geology, and map skills. She has taught Geology classes for Acadia Senior College and, with Duane, is the coauthor of Guide to the Geology of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

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