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We, The White Male Landowning People, . . . Do Ordain And Establish This Constitution

Richard S. Cohen

Harbor House Southwest Harbor
The Civil War Amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th) and the federal Reconstruction laws tried to inject justice and equality into the Constitution. The goal of this course will be to examine the Constitution, 230 years of our legal history, their role in creating the racial dilemmas we face today, and the consequences of legislation and Supreme Court decisions over the years. The Supreme Court helped the White South to combat that effort and to strengthen Jim Crow. The Court continues to undervalue racial justice efforts even today.
About the instructor

Richard Cohen is a New Jersey native. He graduated cum laude from the School of Public and International Affairs of Princeton University, and cum laude from the Yale Law School. After twelve years of law practice, he was a trial judge of the New Jersey Superior Court for ten years and a judge of the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court for eleven years. After retiring from the bench, he conducted an arbitration and mediation practice, and served as special master for various courts. He has summered on MDI since 1977, and retired here in 2017. He has taught four ASC courses on constitutional law, its historical development, and the effects of Supreme Court decisions.

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