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Europe - 1815 to 1924

Harald Paumgarten, Michael Blythe, Seth Singleton

Harbor House, Southwest Harbor
This course will cover the evolution of the major powers post Napoleon to the death of Lenin. We will discuss the re-emergence of France, the progress of Prussia and the creation of the state of Germany; the decline, in importance, of Austro-Hungary; how the Sublime Porte failed to take advantage of European vacillation; British Imperial expansion, particularly in Africa; the Indian Mutiny and the two Boer Wars in South Africa; the decline of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia and arrival of the Bolsheviks and Soviet Russia. The course will include discussions of the great literature emerging from the United Kingdom, France and Germany together with the orchestral and operatic music the Century produced. Finally,we will discuss the effect the First World War had on the creation of today's Middle East. The First World War in Flanders will NOT be discussed. The book for this class will be Modern European History by Birdsall S Viault. The books will be available for pick up at Sherman's in August (after registration closes). The instructors suggest reading pages 177 to 420 to get comfortable with the main content of the period to be covered, and to re-familiarize yourselves with many of the developments in the 18th Century.
About the instructors

Harald Paumgarten received a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a MBA from The University of California, Berkeley. He has been an adjunct professor of finance at Columbia University, Baruch College, St. John’s College, and Howard University. Harald’s business career includes senior positions at Deutsche Bank, HSBC Funds, WP Carey, UBS, and Florida Capital Corporation, among others.

Michael Blythe was educated at Rugby School and Balliol College, University of Oxford. After service as a captain in HM Royal Marines, he had a long career in deep water oil field development in the North Sea and Nigeria. He has taught Acadia Senior College courses on the history and technology of offshore oil exploration and drilling and on the French Revolution.

Seth Singleton studied Russian History and Literature at Harvard, where his tutor set him to work translating Russian poetry and trying to understand Dostoevsky. Seth later defected to study international relations at Yale. Seth has traveled to the Soviet Union with the Yale Russian Chorus, worked on Soviet foreign policy at the Harvard Russian Research Center, visited most of the former Soviet countries, and lived and taught in Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg as the Soviet Union came apart. He currently teaches international affairs at the University of Maine.

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