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Cosmology: Part 2

Robert Gallon

Online via Zoom
This course will explore the modern universe, meaning the universe cosmologists think they understand today. We will begin with a review of what was covered in Cosmology: Part 1, namely developments up until about 1930. This will serve as a reminder to those who took Part 1 and an introduction to new students. Note: you do not need to have taken Part 1 to take this class. The course will discuss the big bang and the development of the universe, the life of stars, dark energy and dark matter, black holes, exoplanets and possible extraterrestrials, and a possible multiverse. Bob plans to be as descriptive and non-technical as he possibly can.
About the instructor

Bob Gallon has a BS from Colombia University and a PhD in Psychology from CUNY. In the long ago past he taught at Vassar College and later at Jefferson Medical School. Bob was head of Psychology at Eastern Maine Medical Center. He continues to practice part time doing various types of legal evaluations. He has taught many different sorts of Senior College courses over the years from music to physics and even psychology.

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