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Britannia to England: AD 410 to AD 1066

Michael Blythe

Birch Bay Village Inn Library, Village Inn Rd (off Crooked Road), Hulls Cove.
After the Romans left Britannia in AD 410, what became England suffered through the Anglo-Saxon invasions which drove the British into Wales and South-Western England. The national area was divided into six smaller kingdoms: Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Middlesex, Kent and Wessex. These kingdoms fought violently amongst one another until Wessex emerged as the most powerful under King Alfred. When the Vikings arrived, primarily from Denmark and Norway, in the early 9th century the wars began again. King Alfred was able to secure modern day England from Chester in the NW to London in the SE. All of England north of this line was initially controlled by the Vikings based in York. The wars continued until Athelstan became King of all England and brought the Viking area under Anglo-Saxon (English) control and the country settled down to become a centre of civilised life in Europe. Eventually, because of a highly doubtful promise of the kingship, William, Duke of Normandy invaded to take over the Kingdom in AD 1066. Since then the nation has not been invaded although internal wars continued for a long time.
About the instructor

Michael Blythe was educated at Rugby School and Balliol College, University of Oxford. After service as a captain in HM Royal Marines, he had a long career in deep water oil field development in the North Sea and Nigeria. He has taught Acadia Senior College courses on the history and technology of offshore oil exploration and drilling and on the French Revolution.

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