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Joy of Boats

Ben Emory

Wendell Gilley Museum, 4 Herrick Rd, Southwest Harbor.
Chat with coastal and ocean sailor Ben Emory about intriguing boats he has owned and enjoyed -- from rowboats to a Hinckley, from Nathanael Herreshoff to current designers and builders. Provided readings will include some of Ben's published writings about his boats. Nat Fenton will join in discussing navigating sailboats across oceans, and Dianna Emory will add perspective on couples cruising. Four classes, one of which will be a field trip to Brooklin Boat Yard and a visit to the WoodenBoat campus culminating with refreshments at the Emorys' cottage overlooking Eggemoggin Reach.
About the instructor

Ben Emory received his A.B. from Harvard and M.B.A. from Dartmouth. He has cruised and ocean-raced from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean and across the Atlantic. He has experienced a wide variety of sailboats and rowing craft. A member of the Cruising Club of America and Ocean Cruising Club, he is a former Navy destroyer officer. He is the author of "Sailor for the Wild -- On Maine, Conservation and Boats."

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