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Maine Political Leaders (1919-2018) and the Movements They Embraced

Michael Hastings

Neighborhood House, 1 Kimball Road, Northeast Harbor.
This course will introduce selected statewide political leaders and examine the movements that they embraced while in office. Leaders will include Percival Baxter, Owen Brewster, Louis Brann, Edmund Muskie, Margaret Chase Smith, Jim Longley and Angus King. Political movements will include: conservationism, nativism, the New Deal and environmentalism. One class session will focus on the rise of independent voters in Maine politics.
About the instructor

Michael Hastings studied at Tilton School, Bowdoin College and George Washington University. Over the past 40 years, he has worked on Capitol Hill as a foreign policy specialist, in Africa as a development aid administrator, and in Maine as the director of an organization that promotes research on sustainable aquaculture. He recently retired as Director of Sponsored Programs at the University of Maine where he was also adjunct faculty in the Maine Business School.

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