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DNA, Genes, and Genetic Engineering

Michael Wiles

Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center, 2nd floor, 330 Main Street, Bar Harbor.
Learning from last year’s course “Genetic Engineering”, this new course will concentrate more on understanding the stuff of life – focusing first on the genetic code, used by all living creatures on this planet and how this encodes genes. After we understand these basics, we will move on to natural selection, artificial selection and then to the basics of genetic engineering, including “CRISPR.” The aim is to understand what genetic selection has done, what genetic engineering has and is doing using the new powerful tools which we now have. A key goal is for participants to be able to look at media reports and begin to distinguish science from pseudoscience. The course will be taught in an open, dynamic manner responding to the individual students’ questions, needs and levels.
About the instructor

Michael Wiles is a research scientist at The Jackson Laboratory focusing on genetic engineering of mice to create new animal models of human diseases. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and embryonic development and has probably spent too many years in the "lab"! He taught a genetics course for ASC in 2018 which was an educational experience for him and hopefully for his students.

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