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The Schoodic to Schoodic Ecological CorridorCancelled

Ben Emory

Wendell Gilley Museum, 4 Herrick Road, Southwest Harbor.
Eastern Maine is unique on the U.S. Atlantic coast in that forest still meets the sea. Efforts to preserve the natural qualities of woods, wetlands, and ponds stretching from the Gulf of Maine shores at Schoodic Point north to Schoodic Mountain in the Tunk Lake area and beyond into the North Woods is one of the great conservation stories of Maine. This course will explore the people, the land and seascape, corridor ecology, and the system of government and nonprofit conservation programs that have made extraordinary progress in preserving a region important for fauna and flora habitat, scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, and resilience in the face of the warming climate. The May 6th class session will be a field trip to Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park.
About the instructor

Ben Emory received his AB from Harvard and MBA from Dartmouth.  A former executive director of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and the Land Trust Alliance, he has served on several land trust boards, the Land for Maine’s Future Board, and the Acadia National Park Advisory Commission, as well as chairing the Schoodic to Schoodic Coordination Committee.  Ben taught “Joy of Boats” for ASC in 2019.  He is the author of Sailor for the Wild – on Maine, Conservation, and Boats.