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Five Routes to Enhancing Senior HealthCancelled

Dianna Emory

Birch Bay Village Inn Library, Village Inn Road, off Crooked Road, Hulls Cove.
This experiential course provides tested approaches to maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of medical crises, caregiving challenges, or the aging process. It offers strategies for employing five pillars that enhance wellness: engagement with the natural world, visualization, volunteerism, interaction with others, and fitness of body and mind. One adventure into the natural world will be wheelchair accessible.
About the instructor

Dianna Emory is a retired clinical counselor and the founder of the Behavioral Medicine Center and Training Institute. She maintained a private practice for 30 years, served on the Allied Health Professional staff of the Mount Desert Island Hospital, and provided clinical counseling services as an Adjunct Faculty member at COA. She holds masters and doctoral degrees in the mental health field, has taught at the graduate school level, and has provided workshops on counseling techniques and alternative approaches to healing to physicians and mental health professionals. She is the author of "Bonding with Nature: Responding to Life's Challenges and the Aging Process" and is at work on two new books: "Moving Past Cancer" and "Assess, Adjust, Advance: Facing Adversity and Finding Your Silver Lining."