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Writer and Region: The Beloved CommunityCancelled

Scott Planting, John March Jr

St. Mary’s Episcopal Chapel, 5 Kimball Road, Northeast Harbor.
The course title “Writer and Region” is taken from an essay by Wendell Berry, and is based on Berry’s definition of community, "common experience and common effort on a common ground to which one willingly belongs". This course will explore rural community life through Berry’s eyes and the eyes of several classic and contemporary Maine writers, including Sarah Orne Jewett, Ruth Moore, Edward Holmes, Carolyn Chute, John Keller, William Carpenter and others, based on the interests of the class. There will be field trips to Swan’s Island and Cherryfield, Maine, to talk with residents about “the heart of community life” as they experience it.
About the instructors

Scott Planting has taught ASC courses about the islands and coastal communities of Downeast Maine. Scott served as president of the Maine Seacoast Mission for nine years. Prior to the Mission, he led a cooperative parish in Western Maine. He was educated at Amherst College and Harvard Divinity School.

John March holds degrees from College of the Atlantic and the University of Maine School of Law. He is an avid reader.