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Understanding Viruses

Phil Grimley

Online via Zoom
Viruses are parasitic forms of life which have been supported by cellular hosts for billions of years. During this time, they have influenced the form, function and evolution of bacteria, plants and animals. The contest between parasites and hosts persists to this very day. Modern virus pandemics such as influenza, Ebola and the Coronavirus continue to challenge public health. In this class, we will focus on the essential causes and mechanisms of virus infections, major cellular responses which have developed in nature to prevent or abort virus infections, and some critical discoveries of human science which resulted from efforts to prevent or control infectious diseases. Indeed, studies of virus genetics and our immune responses now underlie novel treatments of cancers as well as microbial infections.
About the instructor

Phil Grimley received his MD from Albany Medical College, trained in medicine at Cornell University, and then specialized in virus-related research at the University of California and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He gained experience in virology at Columbia University and performed independent research at NCI. Phil instructed medical students in the principles of disease for over thirty years at the Uniformed Services University, Maryland. More recently, he taught the science of viruses at the Johns Hopkins University Program for Adult Education.

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