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Spiritual Wisdom from Hawaii and India

Richard Parker

Dining Hall in St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, 41 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor.
Many lifelong spiritual seekers believe that the ancients possessed the necessary insight to live the most meaningful lives. This discussion-based class will focus on two lineages of this ancient wisdom. The Yoga Tradition is thousands of years old, and the class will examine Patanjali Yoga from the perspective of teacher and writer Michael Stone. The class will also take a deep dive into the sophisticated, mystical traditions of ancient Hawaii through the teachings of the revered spiritual elder Hale Makua. A small and optional part of each class will be devoted to meditation techniques from both traditions. In addition, participants will be encouraged to share their own spiritual practices. This will be a chance to learn from each other.
About the instructor

Richard holds a doctorate in Education from Penn, a master’s degree from Dartmouth, and BA degrees in Religion and English from Middlebury. He taught English and Religion for over 40 years and was Head of School at Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia for many years. Currently, a major focus of his teaching is in yoga, meditation, and modern shamanism. He teaches a weekly yoga class at Destination Health in Bar Harbor.

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