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Topics in Constitutional and Public Law

Richard S. Cohen, Nathaniel Fenton

Online via Zoom
The course will cover such topics as free speech on campus, free speech on the internet, capital punishment, racial bias in jury selection, Reconstruction and Jim Crow, Sovereignty of the Native American nations, jurisdiction of the World Court and International Criminal Court over American citizens, the Ninth Amendment, Admiralty, and the Supreme Court's five worst decisions. Topics may change as political events suggest.
About the instructors

Richard Cohen is a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School, and is a retired judge of the NJ Superior Court, Appellate Division. He does not claim constitutional expertise, but he is concerned with the issues presented and has studied them from an appellate judge’s point of view. He has presented three earlier courses on American Constitutional History and The Sources of Constitutional Conflicts.

Nat Fenton began his education in Bar Harbor, followed by prep school at St. Mark’s School, college at Bowdoin, and law school at Cornell University.  Nat has taught courses on Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, the America's Cup, and most recently on Civil Rights.

Registration opens December 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM