Acadia Senior College


Lobstermen and Whales: A recipe for success

March 29, 2019

9:00 a.m.

Sips in Southwest Harbor

The endangered North Atlantic Right Whale population has decreased from an estimated population of nearly 500 in 2010, to 411 today. One of the leading causes of documented mortality by scientists has been fishing gear entanglement.  Presently, we know that 85% of right whales show signs of fishing rope scars and many other Maine whale species suffer painful deaths due to entanglement. We will discuss possible solutions and explore creative ways we can move forward as a society to maintain a vibrant fishing industry and save the whales.

Zack Klyver is the lead naturalist of Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company and has been guiding whale and seabird watching tours on the Gulf of Maine for over 27 years.

Lobstermen and Whales: A recipe for success