Acadia Senior College


Hot-button Politics and Real Dilemmas

February 14, 2020

9:00 a.m.

Sips in Southwest Harbor

This event is FULL.

Immigration pushes emotional hot buttons. Democrats, it is said (by our President), want to open the borders to hordes of criminals who will take your tax money and destroy our culture, so they can have more votes.  Republicans, it is said (by Democrats), are heartless, cruel people who imprison families fleeing violence and deport Dreamers to keep America white. But ask: How many people should come, from where, on what criteria?  Should we promote assimilation?  What about businesses who hire migrants - legal and illegal - and the effect on wages?  What about the 11 million unauthorized immigrants now in the country?  Let's discuss immigration seriously.

Seth Singleton teaches US foreign policy and international security at the University of Maine. He has lived and worked in Tanzania, Russia, Ecuador, Vietnam, and Mongolia as lecturer and university administrator, and has held grants from Fulbright, the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Council on Soviet and East European Research, and the Open Society Foundation.  He has worked with the US government as consultant and sponsored lecturer on foreign policy issues in Africa and Asia.

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Immigration:<br>Hot-button Politics and Real Dilemmas