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Making Sense of Universal Healthcare, or
What is Medicare for All?

February 21, 2020

9:00 a.m.

Sips in Southwest Harbor

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Our healthcare system is broken!” is a tired war cry. But true. Upcoming elections and economic impact make this a focus for decisions. Goals should be a healthier America, expanded universal coverage, better coverage, and decreased costs. As we get ready to make choices, let us try to lay out the many options: free market solutions, expanding and fixing (or dismantling) the Affordable Care Act, public options, and Medicare for All.  Should we move quickly or transition slowly?  Can we afford it?  Who should pay for it? After a brief introduction, let’s wade through the solutions together.

Jeff Dunn is a retired pediatric cardiac surgeon, and was the chief medical officer of a large multi hospital healthcare system and hospital CEO. Living and practicing medicine in London, England in 1977-78, he has first-hand experience in England’s socialized medical system as a physician and a patient. Practicing in the United States he has first-hand experience with the struggles to provide good health care to the whole community. He lives in Mount Desert with his wife Linda. Jeff serves on the MDI Hospital Quality and Safety Committee and is a Board member of Maine AllCare.

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Making Sense of Universal Healthcare, or<br>What is Medicare for All?