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Hearing Loss? Resources You Can Use

March 9, 2021

4:00 p.m.

Free - Online Zoom presentation

Do you find yourself saying “What did you say?" or "Can you repeat that?” when you are talking with someone? As a woman with adult-onset hearing loss, I do this daily; even with my hearing aids, I can miss part of the conversation. Background noise, mumbling – it can be a constant struggle.

In this presentation, I will share my hearing loss experience and the resources that I use daily, including technology, self-advocacy and captioning. For example, Maine Relay - a free service which allows those with hearing and/or speech disabilities to access telecommunications. The service allows an individual to use a smartphone, tablet, computer or specialized equipment (such as a captioned telephone) to communicate with standard voice telephone users through specially trained relay operators (captioners). Join me to learn more and ask questions.

Debra Bare-Rogers works to promote access to telecommunication for people who have difficulty using the telephone. At Disability Rights Maine (DRM), she performs outreach for the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) program. She has served as an HLAA board member and volunteered as the ASL interpreting scheduler for local recovery groups. In June 2017, Debra was certified as a "Hearing Loss Peer Mentor" through Gallaudet University. As a woman with adult-onset hearing loss, she shares her personal journey to work with individuals who have hearing loss. 

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Hearing Loss? Resources You Can Use