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Dan Dendanto: Whales and Gulf of Maine Ecology, Food for Thought

January 26, 2018

Lunch 11:30; Lecture noon-1:00

Birch Bay Village Inn, Hulls Cove

Dan Dendanto will talk about an upcoming Allied Whale project: The foraging ecology of baleen whales in the face of changing climate in the Gulf of Maine.  The presentation will provide a background and overview of a new Allied Whale, College of the Atlantic, research initiative to better understand the biological consequences of changing environments in the Gulf of Maine on large baleen whales that seasonally inhabit nearby waters off Mount Desert Island. 

Dan is the creator of Whales and Nails.  He has been cleaning, articulating and restoring whale skeletons professionally since 1993.  He strives to create dynamic exhibits which convey more about the animals’ lives than their deaths.  Dan’s knowledge of whale anatomy and extensive experience in the field contribute to his extraordinary ability to accurately display the remains of these magnificent creatures.

Dan is Director of the Fin Whale Catalog and a Senior Scientist at Allied Whale, and a Research Associate at College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor. The research Dan has been involved in includes the genetics, life history, population, phylogenetics and culture of whales in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 

Reservations for lunch and/or lecture: 288-9500, or

Dan Dendanto: Whales and Gulf of Maine Ecology, Food for Thought