Acadia Senior College


The Biden Administration Impact on Maine and Our Workers

April 29, 2022

12:00 Noon

Online presentation


In this important presentation, Garrett Martin will share his thoughts on the impact of the Biden administration's programs on the state of Maine and our people. Garrett has dedicated his career to connecting the dots between the daily struggles of working people and policies that can alleviate those struggles. A generation removed from poverty, he made his way to Maine after working in community economic development in the Mississippi Delta, southern India, and Latin America.

Garrett combines his commitment to providing credible and rigorous economic analysis with his passion for advancing economic justice as President and CEO of the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP). MECEP has been at the forefront of successful efforts to boost incomes and increase access to health care for hundreds of thousands of Mainers.

Garrett Martin is a Truman Scholar and holds a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University with a concentration in economics and public policy analysis. He served on the Community Development Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and has taught graduate courses in community economic development at the University of Southern Maine. In addition to his work at MECEP, Garrett coaches his local high school cross country and track teams and was selected the Maine State Coach of the Year in 2017.

The Biden Administration Impact on Maine and Our Workers