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David Dawson

David Dawson has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and training in Biophysics from Yale. In his 41-year career, he taught at the University of Iowa, the University of Michigan, and the Oregon Health Science University where he was Chair of Physiology and Pharmacology. He has lectured on his research (cystic fibrosis) nationally and internationally and lectured at the MDI Bio Lab on grant writing. After retiring from OHSU in 2014, Dawson took up the study of the History of Economic Thought and delivered the Hugh Davson Lecture to the American Physiological Society in Orlando, Florida entitled “Music, Membranes and Macroeconomics: What I learned from CFTR, Bob Dylan and Adam Smith.” In the Fall of 2018 and 2019 he taught ASC courses in the History of Economic Thought “A Brief History of the Dismal Science.” He recently published his first paper on the History of Economic Thought, entitled “Searching for Laws of Economics: Causality, Conservation and Ideology.” 

Current courses: