Acadia Senior College

Mission Statement

Acadia Senior College is an educational organization providing intellectual stimulation, practical knowledge, social interaction and fun primarily for adults over 50.


The organization of Acadia Senior College is a fairly simple one. Policy oversight is provided by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors establishes the guiding principles and the operational regulations, manages finances and financial policies, and develops goals and a long range plan to achieve those goals for the College.

A part-time Administrator, along with many committed volunteers, attend to the important details involved in providing high quality assistance to ASC members, collaborating with other non-profits in the Mount Desert Island area, and developing awareness of and support for the College.

A Curriculum Committee, working under guidelines provided by the Board of Directors, develops the course offerings for each session and oversees all the tasks necessary for each course. These tasks include soliciting, receiving, and approving course proposals, selecting instruction sites, providing instructional materials, and evaluating courses.

With the exception of our part-time Office Administrator, and a part-time Bookkeeper, all ASC personnel, including instructors, are volunteers.